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Top Universities North Carolina in Public and Private Sectors Top Universities North Carolina in Public and Private Sectors June 3, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Education

Article by Robin Brain


With 53 top class offering courses in different academic streams, offers excellent educational prospects for aspirant students not only in the state and the country but for overseas students as well. Moreover, with 100 counties and being one of the fastest growing states of America in terms of population it is imperative that the state authorities would look towards expansion of quality education as the foundation for development.


Brief Background


First public in the country was opened in way back in the year 1795. Then named as the University of and now known as the University of at Chapel Hill the oldest university of United States has also helped the state build up a comprehensive system.


Current Scenario in North Carolina


University education system of encompasses no less than 17 public and multiple private. Public in the state are -UNC-Chapel Hill;East Carolina; State University;UNC Wilmington;UNC Pembroke;UNC School of the Arts; UNC Greensboro;Western Carolina;Appalachian State University; UNC Asheville;UNC Charlotte; North Carolina A & T university, Winston Salem State University;Fayetteville State University; University; Central University; and Elizabeth City State


Among the seventeen, the last six are basically Afro American universities.


Public Community Colleges


has no less than 58 public community colleges under its community college system.


Private Universities


Apart from the 17 public universities, there are 36 independent private universities in. Some of them have great tradition and heritage. For instance; Salem College was the first for young women in South;Shaw University was the first college or university for the blacks in the South; John Wesley College in was the oldest institution imparting theological education in undergraduate levels in the State; Salem college is the oldest founded in 1772; and Most of the colleges and universities were established in the 19th century and first part of the 20th century;Mount Olive College Brian Roberts Hornets Jersey  , Methodist University, and Queens of Charlotte were established in 1950s.


Religious Affiliation


Housing over 80,000 students and conferring almost one third of all the bachelor’s degrees in the state and over half of the degrees that are awarded in law and medicine, most of these are affiliated with 14 different religious establishments.


Excellent education is offered in top of North Carolina in both public and private sectors.


About the Author


State university website has exhaustive information about top universities that includes both public and private universities and those offering online university degree. It makes the selection of appropriate North Carolina University for the aspirant student easier.


Find More State University Articles


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